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i’m here dude – an introduction

Hello, there.


In growing need for some support I have finally decided to take the laptop to lap and me hands to the keys, so that I could at least help others, if not myself, in taking a stand for themselves and just frankly making it through the day in one piece. You may have noticed the intolerance of people, especially the young’uns without time to make up their minds, but take over that hateful thinking from their parents to their own graves, leaving behind even more lives filled with homophobia.


So, this is what I will be doing here. Supporting each and every one of you in need of help and just trying to do something against hate, trying to slowly get people used to the idea. I may not be the most eloquent in any kind, nor the most intelligent. But I’m here. And I’ll try doing something awesome just once.


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It really is not easy being not straight and it can take ages to admit the gay or any other sexual preference to yourself, even worse coming out or living with people that make fun of you for it, family issues, or suffering from disadvantages in your work place, school or else. And that is not right. But I will try and take each of these subjects, discuss them and make the best out of any situation. If you have an questions to your personal situation I will try my best to help.


I know this blog will probably go down with all the other ones, but still. Least I can do is try, right? I’ll be giddy if just one person reads this and is encouraged by it. And now or never, I have to think of a thing to sign my posts with from now until eternity.  Quick, brain, quick!


Have a gay day!