About me

I’m a German student, female, would be gay part of a gay-straight alliance, that has dreams of becoming an actor, voice actor or screenwriter one day. I love writing and recording, so submit anything you want to me and I’ll be delighted to work with it.

On this blog, I will try and make a change for you, your rights and just fucking human decency . Despite my swearing on this site, I’m actually extremely awkward and nervous in person, which can lead to further awkwardness. Please try and overlook that if you should meet me in person, I would be extremely grateful. I love being able to express my own opinion and right and wrongs, but sadly you have to be generally afraid of speaking your mind. So, this is why I am here.

I’ll start writing some own songs soon, so be sure to check that out! If you are reading this then I hereby remind you of your awesomeness. Be kind!


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A blog about all things sexuality, sexual-/ gender identity and coming to terms with and accepting yourself the way you are. Cuz you are cool and deserve to know it.

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